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Rating: 4.3
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Игра Улитка Боб 7

Snail Bob again decided to conquer his fans, embarking on new adventures. The story begins late in the evening when Snail Bob decided to read his favorite book about the fearless snail before bedtime, which dared to challenge one of the greatest creatures, the dragon. The book was so interesting that Bob could not resist and decided to read it to the end. His hero defeated the dragon and the snail Bob decided to put the book aside and fall asleep the dream of how he personally would take part in the battle with the dragon. As soon as an unknown person falls asleep, the force moves him into the dragon's dungeon, in which the snail must fight him, which he dreamed of reading a book. Whether it is a dream, or the truth, can only be found after going all the way and solving all the riddles and secrets.

Игра Улитка Боб 7

The snail Bob travels and moves independently, all that a player needs to do is to clear the road ahead of Bob so that he can freely move on (not counting cases when there may be an enemy in front of him and you will need to order him to hide in a shell). The game sometimes gives clues what exactly needs to be done for the future path, however, you will have to solve some puzzles of the game yourself. In order to make the game easier to pass, you need to understand its structure.

What you need to do

The essence of the game snail Bob 7 A fantastic story is to go through all the levels (There are a total of 29+ final battle with the dragon). Throughout the game, the snail Bob will face dangers, traps and puzzles that need to be solved. Sometimes in order to pass the level it is necessary to connect the entire ingenuity as it is necessary to find the exact solution of how to proceed. All that a player needs to do is find the so-called "secret zones" role, which can consist of several actions: 1. Asterisks as points received per level. 2. Circuit breakers for opening a further path and 3. Traps for enemies.

Игра Улитка Боб 7

Enemies in the game usually do not have the ability to attack, but contact with them will mean a loss. This rule does not apply to spirits and bees that have the direct intention to attack Bob. Sometimes you can avoid the enemy by finding a workaround, but there are times when you need to kill the enemy, for this it is enough to use any of the necessary methods of killing, the game itself hints at what needs to be done to kill the enemy. Bob doesn’t have a weapon and only has his own helmet, so you need to use only wit and ingenuity in battles.

Gameplay and interface

For successful passage, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: Interface (Control Panel with all possible actions of Bob), Location (you need to guess how to go further, find all the necessary hidden switches and monitor the movement of enemies) and finally, the secret places in which stars are hidden that affect the total score of the collected points in for the whole game and for each location separately. The player will need to control the entire process of the game using a special interface on which there are only two game keys: Expand the snail and speed it up.

This is quite enough, since the game can be considered logical and its essence lies in finding the necessary knife switch , loopholes on the game screen itself. In addition, you can take advantage of the additional features of the interface on which, in addition to the game keys, there are buttons: a menu, a mute, a map restart and a passage button that leads to the official website of the game.

Plot and game levels snail Bob 7 | | 278

Всего в игре 30 локаций, каждая из которых имеет свои особенности. Иногда в прохождении одной из локаций также участвует питомиц улитки Боба Комарик управлять при этом можно обоими, поскольку для каждого есть своя индивидуальная площадка. Игра улитка Боб 7 обладает весьма простой, но приятной графикой. Все детали качественно прорисованы.

The Bob Snail game has a very simple plot. There is a back story that explains Bob's appearance in the dragon's dungeons and the final conclusion. There is no need to worry about the fate of the protagonist or his friends. Everything is simple but, despite this, the game is intriguing, since it is difficult to predict what awaits the main character at the next level. Sometimes you can meet the so-called "Bosses", which must be defeated by picking up a special trick. So, for example, you can meet Dracula, who are not affected by standard methods.

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