Game Snail Bob 3: In Egypt

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Игра Улитка Боб 3: В Египте

Games for children have always been and will be the most favorite pastime in childhood. But if earlier children played hide and seek, catch-ups and other children's games in the fresh air, then the modern young generation prefers computer games. There are long discussions about the benefits and harms of this kind of entertainment. Some argue that computer games do not bring any benefits to children, but rather harm their health, eyesight and development. Others, on the contrary, believe that such entertainments for children can be useful, develop attention, creative and logical thinking, imagination and imagination.

Whatever it was, but shooting games, strategies, arcades, etc. . enjoy considerable popularity among children. Manufacturers of computer games, in turn, do not get tired of coming up with new and more interesting entertainments. One such entertainment was a series of games about Snail Bob. His adventures, problems, joys and victories are watched by millions of children from different corners. Snail Bob is a favorite hero of gamers of different ages, both girls and boys know and adore him. Together with the hero, they were looking for a new home, passing complex and at the same time interesting obstacles. We know that Bob loves adventures, has a beloved grandfather and cannot live without problems, without falling into an interesting new abyss of adventure.

Overview of the main features of the game

In the third part, he ended up in Ancient Egypt. But first things first. The game Snail Bob 3 begins with an introductory video. Have you often wondered why you should not touch museum exhibits? And all because they keep secrets, riddles and ancient magic that has been living in them since ancient times. Our hero will have to feel it in his own skin. Once snail Bob, along with his beloved grandfather, visited the museum. And while the guide talked about the exhibits and the history of Egypt, and grandfather was carried away by the tour, Snail Bob extended his little hands to the next interesting exhibit.

Игра Улитка Боб 3: В Египте

And oddly enough - it turned out to be not just a memorial to ancient culture, but a real portal capable of carry in time and space. Although the grandfather and the guide tried to pull him from there by the legs, but nothing came of it, and he turned out to be a naughty hero in real Egypt. In order to return home he will have to go through all the levels of obstacles that the country of mysticism and ancient magic has prepared for him. If you want to help him get out of this trap, you must go through 25 levels with him, each of which is complex and interesting in its own way.

Gameplay of the game Snail Bob 3

On each level you will have to apply logic and ingenuity to overcome obstacles and successfully move to a new level. But besides this, at each stage of the game, you and Bob must collect asterisks, on which the final score of the game depends.
On the way you will meet toads and Zuma, ancient drawings and mysterious objects. Guessing the riddles of Gene, overcoming a path full of secrets and Easter eggs, you can safely return home. Unlike the previous ones, a new function was added in this part - three stars are hidden at each level, without which it is impossible to move on. Find them, but remember that they can be disguised even as ordinary stones.

Игра Улитка Боб 3: В Египте

Game Snail Bob in Egypt has a very simple gameplay. The snail runs and moves forward independently. To speed up its movement, it is necessary to hold the button “2” on the keyboard or using the upper corner of the playing field. You can stop the snail with the usual click of a mouse, and you can change the direction of movement using a rotating platform. Most of the mechanisms and objects are activated by clicking the mouse as well as the stars gather - just reach them. Some mechanisms require activation of more active actions: for example, some will have to be pulled or hooked. But in extreme cases, there is always a hint in Russian that will simplify the passage of the game.

In general, the new part of the adventures of the famous hero is no less interesting for the previous ones. It is filled with new chips and tricks, magic and secrets of Ancient Egypt. To go through all the levels and help Snail Bob return home, you need to be smart and gambling, be able to use logic and take risks. Game Snail Bob 3: in Egypt, it will give children many hours of joy and excitement, and successful completion of all stages, overcoming obstacles and successful puzzles will help you feel like a real hero.
The new part of the adventure is another story about the famous cartoon character, which will be remembered by the players no less than the rest.

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