Game Cleaning the house Barbie

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Игра Уборка в доме Барби

Want to participate in the daily life of Barbie dolls? Do you like games for girls in which you need to clean up the rooms? Then start the game Cleaning at Barbie's house and prove yourself to be a real hostess, whose housing shines with cleanliness.

Barbie is an incorrigible fashionista, a fan of entertainment and travel. She also loves to have all kinds of parties and have fun with friends. So yesterday: she invited her friends to her house for a bachelorette party. Girls wondered at the narrowed, fought pillows, overeating goodies, etc.

As a result of their games, the house became like a garbage can. All rooms reigned complete mess and chaos. Things, toys and the rest were scattered. On the floor lay candy wrappers, bits, everything was covered with crumbs. Girlfriends-slovens even managed to cover the floor with juice and tea. In general, the house resembled a complete disaster.

And then my mother called Barbie and said that she was returning from a business trip. If she sees the house in this form, then she will punish her daughter. Rather, in the game, come to the rescue of Barbie and help do a spring cleaning before mom appears in the house. First, in the kitchen, you need to put everything in place, throw the garbage into a bucket, sweep and mop the floor, brush the stains on the cabinet, etc. Then remove the scattered toys in her room.

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