Game Tu 95 flying on airplanes

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Игра Ту 95 леталка на самолетах

Although this game is made in flash format, it is quite interesting, and most importantly, a fun simulator of passenger transportation from one city to another. Here, you will need to go through 6 very cool missions, each of which is unique and interesting in its own way. It is noteworthy that during these missions you need not only to carry passengers, but also to deliver goods and historical relics.
Unlike other flyers on passenger aircraft, here is a flight simulator for that 95! Here, you need to control the load on the engines, make sure that your airliner does not skew one way or the other, and also monitor the speed and position of the flaps.

For example, in case of too sharp climb, you will not be able to cope with the management and break, the same thing will happen if you approach the wrong landing! It should be noted very dynamic and you can even say a little frightening musical design of the game. After exiting from the start screen, you get into a brief excursion where they tell you about which control keys we will need and how to properly control the flaps of the Tu 95. Be sure to pay attention to the flaps and the positions in which they should be, depending on how your plane flies!

How to fly to that 95 and the basics of control

Having studied the management, we get to the first, training level, where you will need to fly your plane from one airport to another. Of the important details, we note the radar at which your current altitude will be displayed, as well as the flight range and touchdown point. In subsequent missions, other planes will also be displayed on the radar, which you will have to prevent a collision with. The game that 95 is very well thought out, so try to always control the situation!

Under the radar are indicators of your speed and altitude. Keep them at the right level and do not cross the red line. Next to the counters there will be a special circle showing how parallel your wings are! Be sure to follow his testimony and keep the plane parallel to the ground, trying to ensure that he does not lean in any direction. On the right will be shown tips on how to play that 95.

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