Game Transformers 2 revenge of the fallen

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Игра Трансформеры 2 месть падших

It so happened that in all previous battles, the Decepticons constantly turned out to be losers, unable to cope with powerful Autobots, led by the unstoppable Optimus Prime. And finally, what happened was what all fans of this game have been waiting for so long - the sweet hour of reckoning has come. The game Transformers 2 revenge of the fallen offers you a unique opportunity - you can avenge the Autobots for all past humiliations.

You have power, and even Starscream has come under your banner.
The game begins with the fact that you have to go through a small training course, in which you will be told about all the intricacies and features of the application, as well as familiar with the basics of control and gameplay. In addition, you will be shown what transformations Starscream is capable of, with a detailed description of each of them.


At the end of the impromptu training, the game begins directly. At its initial stage, you will encounter a rather interesting and peculiar opponent, which is represented by powerful robotic trucks, with cabs in bright yellow colors. It is worth saying that you can cope with them without any problems - neither by force, nor by mind, nor by skill, the enemy does not shine. Just approach them to the minimum distance and fully utilize your attacking power.

Having dealt with the enemy, do not rejoice too much, the Transformers game of revenge of the fallen is preparing you a new test - now you have to confront the more dangerous fighters in the form of green transformers, which look very much like the robot R2d2 from the world famous saga.

А вот здесь уже придётся повозиться, месть павших тем и сладка, что требует от участников схватки максимальной концентрации сил и усилий. Будьте очень внимательны – у этих воинов очень большой радиус действия, поэтому, постарайтесь приблизиться к ним на минимальное расстояние с максимальной скоростью, после чего начинайте атаку. Используйте как физическую силу, так и оружие. Такое сочетание позволит вам достичь успеха в схватке.

Try to look around - in the game about transformers there are a lot of different bonuses and surprises that will not only raise your status, but also restore your health. And finally, a few simple tips, following which significantly increases your chances in a battle with transformers, the revenge of the fallen which does not know pity. So, try to attack with maximum speed and do not waste your punches in vain. Never leave the enemy behind and try to hit several enemy soldiers with one blow. In a situation where two transformers are attacking, initially destroy the distant enemy with a weapon and after that switch to the melee. And of course, save your strength, at the end of each level you will find a battle with a strong and cruel Boss.

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