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Игра Теннис головами

Here is the next version of the insanely popular series of games about sports heads! Of course, the football series is the most popular and famous, but the developers from the mousebreaker company decided not to stop there and expanded their series to volleyball, basketball and tennis! True, unfortunately, if other games of this series worked in the "for two" mode, then for some reason this mode was not added. It is difficult to say what it was connected with, but we hope that the version with the collective mode will appear soon.

Tennis game heads can boast of 12 bonuses that will appear right in the air above the net. As you have already noticed, unlike other parts, the number of bonuses has decreased, however, a new one has been added that allows you to score a ball not from two, but from one hit. In career mode, everything is still. You will need to win 10 matches, and the difficulty in each subsequent will increase. At the top is a small menu where you can choose the look of your character.

At the bottom we can also notice the achievements section, in which 10 achievements will be available to you. Complete them all and see what happens! The gameplay in the game about tennis heads has several distinctive features, firstly, in comparison with the football series, here we see the net, secondly, your task is not to throw the ball into the goal but to make it 2 times touch the opponent’s field! The score goes up to 7 points! It is noteworthy that you will compete with real world stars, albeit made in a rather unusual style, so get ready for the battle!

It will not be boring! One of the most important details will be that the look of the map is constantly changing and sometimes in the middle there will be obstacles that prevent the ball from flying, consider them and adjust the trajectory, otherwise it may end in defeat in the match! And most importantly - believe in your victory, then you can definitely become a world champion!

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