Game Tanks for 5-6-7 years

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Игра Танки для 5-6-7 лет

Looking for an interesting, but not terrible game of tanks? Which is perfect for children of all ages and their parents? Want to have fun fighting unusual opponents? Then consider that you have found what you were looking for! This game of tanks for 5, 6, 7 years turned out to be interesting and very entertaining, and given the 3D graphics and cool music, it is also very dynamic. Entering it, you will find yourself at the epicenter of hostilities. By clicking on the start (single button) we get into a small menu showing us at what level we are now. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to choose levels or see how many of them are in total. So we can only begin.

How to play

The fact that this game of tanks for children of 5, 6 and 7 years is evidenced by its design made in 3D cubic form, a bit reminiscent of today's popular sandbox called minecraft. However, only a person who has not passed a single level may think so. The design is really made in a rather boring and maybe a little childish style, but the gameplay itself will be interesting to people of all ages, so this game is perfect for everyone! The whole device of the game can be described in one sentence - destroy or be destroyed.

Your task will be to destroy the red tanks, trying not to stumble on the shells fired by them. At the same time, enemies explode from 3 of your shots, so that you can withstand as many as 3 of their hits. All is fair! True, unlike them, you will have the opportunity to improve your tank. Namely, 3 of its characteristics - defense, attack power and attack speed. Having boosted the attack even by 1, you can destroy enemies from 2 shots, and by upgrading it to 4, and completely from one. Your defense and attack speed will increase by approximately as much.

To improve the performance by 1 level, you need 100 units of money, by 2 - 200, by 3 - 300, by 4 - 400. You can earn this money while humiliating enemies, picking up green crystals from them. Each such crystal is 10 coins. So, gradually, we can save up for improvements. We advise you to improve the indicators of strength and speed of fire at the beginning, but you can upgrade your defense, then you will have the opportunity to become invincible and impenetrable for ordinary enemies. In addition to crystals, enemy tanks drop bonuses.

There are 4 bonuses in total (two attacking, two defending) - freezing all enemies into ice crystals, destroying all opponents and a protective field that saves you for a short time from shots, and also a life-restorer (extremely rare). Children will really enjoy the fact that at the end of each level a big boss will be waiting for you, the destruction of which will be much harder than ordinary enemies.

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