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Игра Такси 2

It turns out that for a taxi driver there is business not only in a large city, but also in a beautiful rural area. Here, of course, there will not be many customers, but they also have less opportunities to use public transport. Often there is someone who wants to get to the place he needs faster. The game Taxi 2 will provide such customers, and you only need to quickly and safely deliver them to the specified destination.

Although, first of all, a taxi should pick passengers. They are expecting in the distance, and you better study the map carefully to understand where the client is. The terrain plan is shown at the beginning of the round and it can be called up during the game by clicking on the hint button. In the same way, the place of landing must be remembered. Only one customer has to be served in a separate level, but this is limited time - they didn’t meet the allotted time, start the mission anew!

When playing in Taxi 2, you should be very careful about your car. She, of course, has a fairly large margin of safety, but it will also be exhausted if you regularly encounter obstacles. And since the road is framed by earthen walls, the probability of damage to the car is very high.

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