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Игра Свадебная причёска

A joyful event is approaching in the life of the heroine of the game - a wedding. At the ceremony, the bride wants to look irresistible, so she pays a lot of attention to every aspect of her appearance. In the game, she does the hairstyle. Will you become a hairdresser for her? First of all, protruding hair must be carefully directed to one side, because without it it is very difficult to cut. Having decided on the length of the hair, give them a style: curled or straight. After that, you can tint the bride’s hair. This hairdresser game has collected paint in different colors. Finishing with the hairstyle, finally lay the strands. At the last stage of the game, a wedding dress, veil, hair and neck decorations, gloves and a bouquet of flowers are selected for the girl.

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