Game Wedding Dress Up for Girls

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Игра Свадебная одевалка для девочек

For many girls, wedding is a very important event in life. Therefore, the selection of dresses, veils, jewelry and a bouquet is given a lot of time. Even in computer dress-ups, wedding themes remain very popular. In them we are invited to create outfits for different characters, using objects of various styles. The game Wedding Dress Up for Girls shows that even the girls from the royal family take the upcoming marriage ceremony very seriously. Naturally, the best things are chosen for the wedding of the princess!

Игра Свадебная одевалка для девочек

First, let's take care of the face

At the beginning of the game, we apply makeup to Princess Irene. The developers have created a really large selection of available shades, so you will be able to show designer imagination with almost no limits.

To the right of the girl is a window for choosing cosmetics. Those are divided into eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, blush, and each offers eight shades. Click on the color you like and it will immediately appear on the face of the game heroine.

There are various views on what wedding makeup should be. Unnaturally rich cosmetics are often applied to brides, which is not suitable for all face types. Pastel shades that only emphasize natural beauty look much more harmonious. Try to add an experiment to the game wedding dress up for girls, and see how the impression of the princess’s face changes when applying cosmetics of varying degrees of saturation.

Choose a wedding dress and do not forget about the details

Perhaps all brides dream of looking perfect at the wedding. And often the main attention during the creation of the image is given to the dress. Someone prefers classic white color and fluffy skirts. Some people like extraordinary color schemes and unique cuts. Wedding dress up game for girls aims to offer something suitable for all girls! There are truly luxurious white dresses, wide and narrow skirts, jeweled dresses and formal dresses, yellow, lilac and purple clothes for the princess bride. Do not limit yourself to viewing wedding dresses in the selection window, but rather admire them on the game heroine - it happens that a dress on a person looks completely different than on a hanger or mannequin. In addition, it should be in harmony with the makeup already applied.

It is difficult to imagine a bride without a veil. Here you can wear this accessory to Princess Irene in a wedding dress-up - there are long covers for the whole head and a light small veil with a complex design of white feathers. Please note that the veil greatly changes the impression of the dress, and even the appearance of the bride! The same applies to the girl’s hairstyles.

When the main components of the bride’s clothing are selected, proceed to other equally important details: shoes, earrings, necklaces, hair ornaments, a festive bouquet.

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