Sushi Cat Game 5: Throw to Heaven

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Rating: 4.4
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Игра Суши кот 5: Бросок в небеса

A round cat-ball, looking at the birds, realizes that it wants to fly. He creates a catapult in the game, with which he can fly high-high. And if you feed on rolls, then, falling to the ground, spring from it and fly on. Your task is to collect as many rolls in flight as possible and cover the longest distance as soon as possible. Dogs and birds will help the cat. The web will help you take off again, the sushi magnet will attract more rolls to you. But if you fall into the clutches of villains, then you lose all the rolls. It will be a shame, because for every bunch of Japanese delicacies you get money that you can exchange in the future for some tricked out little things. Do not let the cat fall from the game and crash. Despite the fact that the cat is round, it is very dexterous. Demonstrate all the abilities and skills of a fat sushi lover and earn as many points as possible.

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