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Игра Супер зума для девочек

Even shooting balls can be especially for girls and now we will consider such a game. Girls, unlike boys, look at the world with completely different eyes. So any content created specifically for them should be consistent with their understanding of the world. Firstly, games for young ladies should have their favorite cartoon characters, secondly, excellent music and thirdly, not very heavy gameplay. And here is everything from this list! In this zoom, girls will be able to play for their favorite animals from the Winx cartoon. Favorite witches are already here! True, they themselves did not come here, but their cute pets are already there! Rather, help them win! If you want to entertain your baby, then we welcome you to the Winx world!

The super zoom game for girls does not need to be introduced and every young beauty should know how to play it! We only recall that there are no levels, which means you only have one life. If the evil ball wins, then you need to re-collect all the points.

All the girls should really like that this zoom is made about their favorite characters from the cartoon! Pets of young sorceresses are very cute animals resembling a lion cub and a fox, only having wings behind, and also reduced by several times! But can there be ordinary animals in the magical world! Not! Only new creatures unknown to more than one ordinary person! It's so much more interesting! Seeing them, you immediately begin to think about what they can do and how they differ from ordinary creatures!

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