Game Shoot the balls from the slingshot

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Игра Стрелять по шарикам из рогатки

Balloons hang somewhere in the air above the very tops of the trees. Knock them down rather using a makeshift device made of two tree trunks with a rope between them. Point the ball at the balls and shoot. But first, see if they have bonuses. If there are bonuses, then aim at them, this will help you pass the level even faster. Pop as many balls as it is written in the task.

In the background clouds are flying, the sun is shining, and you throw everything and throw this ball and you still can’t complete the task. Do not despair, but look carefully at the field. Maybe you are missing something, for example, pictures with a black bomb or a straw? Rather aim at them and try to get in. A game to shoot balls from a slingshot will be a great addition to your day.

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