The game is an Ostrich race 2

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Игра Cтраусиные бега 2

How can you not like ostriches, because these are such cute birds! Moreover, they do not know how to fly at all, but they run very well and are able to cover great distances, while consuming a small amount of food and water. And the most interesting thing is that these animals participate even in special competitions in which they need to be the first to get to the finish line, ahead of all their rivals! It is in such competitions that we invite you to participate!

The game ostrich run 2 is remarkable in that both two and four people can play it! Cool, right? Now you can gather all your friends around you and arrange a competition for four! And all this is possible thanks to the wonderful gameplay, because the ostrich is controlled with just 1 button! In fact, it is such games that are most interesting in terms of competitions with real people, because the only thing that will be necessary for you is to press the keys in time or press them as fast as possible! Of course, this is not very simple, but much easier than if the control would put forth full 4 keys, since then the developers would not be able to make it equally convenient, the control is for 4 people!
And here, running is really very interesting, and most importantly it does not require any skills except a good reaction and attentiveness! So only the one with the best reaction can win! To start, choose an ostrich, it's easy enough to do this, because you need to click on the button located directly opposite the character you like. And then you will be taken to the championship selection section, there are 4 in total, but only 2. To open two more, you must first take first place in the open championships and make it not as easy as it seems!

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