Game Old fight like a dandy

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Игра Старая драка как на денди

The generation of the 90s simply cannot help but recall its first game console called Dandy! It was a wonderful time, right? After all, all the games weighed only a few kilobytes and were placed on a floppy disk. True, the diskette was quite large and bulky, and most importantly it was very difficult to find. Sometimes friends even had to exchange favorite diskettes with each other, because they cost a lot of money and until a certain moment it was very difficult to find them in small cities.

But as time went on and the games became better and their weight became exceed a few gigabytes. Relatively modern DVD discs, which ceased to be sold in most stores, gradually fell into decay, as almost any game was made possible to download online. But for those who want to experience a sense of nostalgia, we found this old fight that will appeal to all fans of the Dandy console! And it’s not at all necessary that only to them, because despite the primitive but interesting pixel graphics, this fight also has very cool gameplay, and each of the soldiers can use super tricks and combinations of punches!

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