Game Create your own pony: May Little Pony

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Игра Создай свою пони: Май Литл Пони

Little ponies have long been the most famous heroes of the Internet. Both children and adults love them, and the figures with them are scattered to grab in children's stores around the world. In just a few years of the release of the film Friendship is Miracle, Hasbro has earned billions of dollars on a brand with little cheerful horses.

Game Create Your Pony My Little Pony allows all girls and boys to try themselves as designers and create their own Friendship is a Miracle. And you are given the opportunity to dress your own hero, not only in the clothes familiar to the world of Equestria, but also in something more interesting. For example, in a themed costume of a modern hipster. Ponies in hipster clothes look very cute, because glasses and other attributes of modern teenagers go like that.

In the game about My Little Pony, a change in ten details of your character’s appearance will be available. First, choose her hair. The number of different hairstyles will not be very large, but each of them will look just amazing, so choosing the one you like will be very difficult. When you can decide on the choice of hairstyle, you will be asked to choose the right clothes. Here you can reconcile on your character a famous T-shirt with space, an elegant black sweater, a beautiful blouse, dark blue pants with a colorful striped scarf, a pink skirt with stars, a rainbow scarf, a plaid shirt, a stunning red dress and other clothes. Further, the process of creating your own pony in this game will be less fun. First pick up the glasses, insignia, shoes, eye color, hat, accessories and horn, and then paint the body in a suitable color for this clothing.

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