Game Create your own pony 4 (version 3 in Russian)

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Игра Создай свою пони 4 (3 версия на русском)

Many girls dream of having their own ponies, and after the cartoon Pony was born - Friendship is a miracle, there are even more such girls. But ponies are very expensive animals and it is impossible to keep them at home, so only those who have a country house and spend most of their time there can afford them, because horses need constant care. Small horses need to be fed, raised, washed, cleaned and trained. Moreover, in order to train a horse you need a professional who will also take a lot of money. The game Create Your Pony 4 will give you the opportunity not only to admire the cute horse, but also to create it yourself.

There will be a lot of options for changing the appearance of this pony. First of all, you have to choose the color of the horse. There are not many flowers, but all of them look simply amazing. Next you have to choose the color and type of tail. There will be many options here, so it will be very difficult for you to choose the best one. Next come the bangs and mane. In these sections, you will also need to find the most beautiful version of the hairstyle and choose the right color for it. Create your own pony 4 game is rich in all kinds of settings, in addition to the main features of your horse, you can make it an icon in the form of a cherry, butterfly or stars, dress it in cute clothes for which you can choose your color, choose a bow for the tail and even a saddle, a beautiful necklace in the shape of a collar with a heart and even wings! In addition to changing the appearance of your heroine, you can change the background, moving the horse to another place. And if this editor is not enough for you, try your hand at others by studying the section - games create your pony.

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