Game Create your own little pony

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Игра Создай свою маленькую пони

Creating your own unique characters for your favorite cartoon is very exciting, so we found another interesting game in which you can create and change the appearance of a pony from the series Friendship is a Miracle. Unlike other similar games, the settings here will be less, but all this is compensated by the wonderful graphics drawn in the style of a cartoon. Game Create your little pony, in addition to beautiful design, it also has wonderful music for which you will create your character.

First, you are asked to choose the skin color of your new character. A total of 10 options are available, from pure white to blue. Then you can choose a hairstyle for your pony. In the game, both well-known cartoon hairstyles and new ones created by developers are available. By choosing the color and shape of the hair, you can choose the color of the eyes. Make sure it matches skin tone. The next item to create your hero will be accessories. Insignia will allow you to distinguish your character from others, though unlike the cartoon, here for some reason they are bumped into the forehead. Accessories also include wings and horns, as well as dressings and jewelry. After choosing jewelry, move on to clothes, shoes, and hooves. The final step will be the selection of the background for your hero.

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