Game Create your own avatar in anime

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Игра Создай свой аватар в аниме

Unfortunately, the save photo key does not work. A video that tells how to take a screenshot from the game and save it on the computer.

Did you understand how to take a screenshot after watching the video? Please write about this in the comments!

In this game you can create any person-like character conceived by you, even a zombie, werewolf, some or even a vampire. Here you will find the convenient and intuitive interface of the game. Here is a fairly large selection of not only clothes and accessories, but also skin color, position of hands, eyes, mouth, eyebrows and nose. You can also create a hairstyle yourself. There are three types of hairstyles: the first, where only the front of the hair is visible, from the rear they are simply very short; the second, makes the hair a little longer and changes the styling a little; and the third, which allows you to add additional elements to the hairstyle. After creation, you can transfer your character to any of the proposed places, from space to a busy holiday in a Japanese village.

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