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Игра Создай пони

This is a very simple game in which you can create your character from the famous animated series that has been going on for several years - Pony Friendship is a Miracle. The game Create a pony is perfect for the little lovers of horses, as it contains a minimum of settings, so creating your hero will be very simple. In total, you have the opportunity to change 5 details of the appearance of the horse - clothes, hair and a ponytail, earrings, shoes and jewelry. For each of the items available up to 10 options for items, which is not enough for such games. After the creation of the character is completed, you can click on the “Next” button and save the resulting picture on your computer. If you want to continue the game, you can click on “Replay” and try to create another version of the horse.

Changing the appearance of a pony begins with choosing clothes for her. Pick the right blouse and pants, and then proceed to the next step. Here you can change the color and shape of the hair. There are not many options, but there are very unusual colors that you will not find in ordinary editors - blue and black. Then you can pick up earrings and shoes for your heroine. Shoes can either match the color of the hair, or differ from it - you decide. The final touch will be the selection of a beautiful necklace.

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