The game Sofia the beautiful tidy up the bedroom

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Игра София прекрасная наводит порядки в спальне

Do you love exciting stories about fairy princesses? Are you a fan of the cartoon about Sofia beautiful? Then take part in the daily life of the girl and help her get used to the life of the princess in the royal chambers.

When Sofia lived in the village and was an ordinary girl, she always cleaned up her bedroom. But, having got into the palace, she decided to take the example of the princess Amber the louse and the idler. That clock turned around the mirror, played or went to the balls. As a result, Sofia’s bedroom turned into a real garbage dump. Mom Miranda arranged a severe reprimand for her daughter and ordered to restore order. Help Sofia, beautiful in the game, to decompose things, throw garbage out of the bedroom - she herself can not handle it. In the game, drag things by holding down the mouse button.

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