Game of the Smurfs 2

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Игра Смурфики 2

Do you like positive and colorful Mario style walkers? Do you like a funny and kind cartoon about funny Smurfs? Then the Smurfs 2 game invites you to personally participate in their adventures.

Eccentricities from a mushroom country

Funny blue men in colorful caps look like gnomes. But these are smurfs - characters of the popular French comic book. Created by illustrator Pierre Kullifir.

These funny and cheerful creatures live in the fabulous country of Smuridol in amazing mushroom houses. Their village is located in a dense thicket among the swamps.

The Smurfs 2: graphics and gameplay of the game

The gameplay of the game is very similar to Mario, only the graphics here are much richer and more colorful. You practically find yourself in the cartoon itself and can act as the main character. Like in Mario, you control the Strelochka smurf, deal with monsters, jumping on them from above, collect bonuses and overcome obstacles along the way.

The mission to capture gifts

The other day, another holiday will take place in the fantasy world of smurfs. The father of one of the inhabitants has a birthday. The Smurfs prepared in advance for a significant day, so they gathered a lot of goodies and gifts. But because of the tricks of Gargamel, the holiday is in jeopardy.

This treacherous magician personifies all the evil that is possible in this world. He hates the good Smurfs and harms them in every way. This time he stole presents and scattered throughout the forest. Moreover, so that the Smurfs could not return them, he set traps and evil monsters on the trails.

But the Smurf (the son of the birthday boy) is determined to overcome this dangerous path and get all the gifts. Help him complete the mission in the game. You have to jump on dangerous platforms, through cliffs, to escape from evil ostriches and mushroom mushrooms. Collect gifts and return the stolen holiday to the Smurfs!

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