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Игра Симулятор рыбалки

Fishermen have simply inhuman endurance, because they are able to sit in one place for several hours waiting for prey! But you don’t have to sit at the computer so much, here, everything happens at a much faster pace, where one hour of real time is approximately a minute of virtual! The game fishing simulator will help in an hour, catch more than a ton of fish and defeat all previously set records!

In this cool simulator you need to get as much as possible tasty, juicy and weighing many kilograms of prey! In this reservoir there are more than 20 species of marine life and 5 more special fish, catching which, the game will be considered officially passed! You will be engaged in fishing in 6 large locations located on a river that runs around huge, snow-white mountain peaks several kilometers high and a forest tundra inhabited by animals and birds!

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