Fishing game for children

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Игра Рыбалка для детей

Children are very restless creatures, right? You can never sit still and always strive to run, jump, play and have fun! After all, life is full of bright colors, but it is precisely in childhood that they are visible in full measure. So have fun before you have matured! But the only thing that can make you sit in one place is a computer. The fishing game for children differs from the simulations made for adults in that you don’t have to sit in one place and wait for the catch.

You wear fins, a waterproof mask, your favorite snorkeling shorts and go to the depths of the sea. Of course, you cannot sail far from your boat, because it is dangerous! And you won’t swim too deep, because you need to breathe! Watch the amount of air remaining in the lungs! If it ends, then you will suffocate! Shoot a fish with a harpoon to get the right amount of prey, after that, you will recover in the city and with the money you earn you can buy new gear!

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