Game Rose Barboskina

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Игра Роза Барбоскина

Rosa is rightfully considered the most popular member of the Barboskin family, because it is directly related to almost all the events that occur with other cartoon characters. In addition, Rosa is also the oldest child in the family, but it cannot be said that the most reasonable. With intelligence, the girl went to her mother, and from her she borrowed the dream of her whole life - to become the most famous actress in the city. Therefore, the young actress constantly monitors her appearance and always tries to look irresistible, and also learns stage skills and takes part in television auditions. Due to her beautiful appearance, the girl is very popular at school, but not with her brothers and sisters. With her family, she’s relations are not bad, but not the closest, especially for her younger sister Lisa.

The game Rosa Barboskina for girls is a fascinating, but rather difficult puzzle in which you need will collect a picture in which the main character Barboskin is shown in close-up. It will be most difficult to collect hair, so it’s worth starting with the most striking details - red rubber bands, glasses and eyes.

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