Game Plants vs. Zombies with Balls

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Rating: 4.2
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Игра Растения против зомби с шариками

Zombies go on the offensive again, only now they decided not to be so primitive and attack not only from the ground but also from the air! They tied balloons to their bodies, put buckets on their heads and are now about to take over your home! But the plants come to the rescue and, as a help, also tied balloons to themselves. Your goal is to burst as many balls as possible, and it does not matter who they are, zombies and plants. If you destroy balls with plants, then cherries and peppers are added to your inventory and you can use them to destroy enemies. Cherries blow up all the enemies who are trying to reach you, and the peppers allow you to use a mass attack on targets on the left.

  • Throw the cherry - s + up arrow
  • Use the pepper - s + left arrow | || 269
  • Стрелять — пробел

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