Game Coloring Phineas and Ferb: Part 2

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Rating: 4.7
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Игра Раскраска Финес и Ферб: часть 2

Brothers Phineas and Ferb went to sea and now they want to ride the waves on a classy electric board made in the shape of a shark. Thanks to the special design of the board, it can sail along any waves and never roll over, but the same cannot be said of brothers who all this time have to keep their balance, trying to stay on the board and not fall into the sea. In the game itself, you need to try to color the picture with two brothers in the colors that suit them. The closer to reality you pick colors, the better. More than 36 different colors are available for you, and in addition, tools such as an eyedropper, brush, eraser and a full fill.

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