Game Birds vs. pigs

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Игра Птички против свиней

Our beloved red bird tied itself to balloons, picked up a gun and is now trying to resist the invasion of green pigs. Try not to let them get to the three roses that are designed for our hero's lover. You will not shoot with a pistol with simple bullets, but with other birds, and not just one, but several species. But learn that the number of these birds is of course, so do not immediately spend all the cartridges. With a single press of the spacebar, only one bird will fly out of the gun, but when you press and hold the button, you will start firing in volleys. For the destruction of the pig-kings, you will receive an additional bonus in the form of shooting huge bird-bombs. The game of Birds against pigs is extremely interesting, although it is made very simple and a little tasteless.

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