Game Go through labyrinths with puzzles

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Игра Проходить лабиринты с головоломками

We suggest that you go through as many as 10 levels of the maze and you will need to do this in a certain amount of time. For example, at the first level, we are given only one minute! But eating special bonuses made in the form of an hourglass, you can add another 30 seconds to the remaining time! By the way, this labyrinth is quite unusual, because it’s not enough to get to the door, first you need to collect the key consisting of several parts, and then open the door for them! From the second level, using special blots, you can move to another universe, where you can also find parts for the key to the door! Thanks to bonuses and another universe, the developers were able to perfectly diversify the game familiar to many!

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