Pony game for two

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Игра Пони на двоих

Love stories about friends from the magical land of Ponyville? Looking for a fascinating fly for two with a friend, in which you can survive a barrage of vivid impressions of incredible adventures? Then run the game for two Ponies and have fun and interesting time in the company of friends Rainbow Dash and Fluttershine.

Pegasus Rainbow Dash is a real daredevil and turned on any company. He is constantly drawn to adventure and mischief. Pony has long dreamed of flying outside of Ponyville and traveling through the vast expanses of Equestria. And so he beats up the shy and timid Fluttershy to keep him company on the journey.

Choose your horse with a friend - and go on an adventure! Use “A” and “Z” to control Fluttershy, and “Up” and “Down” arrows for Dash.

The game’s graphics are bright and colorful, so you involuntarily feel in the cartoon itself. In a game for two, pony friends must safely pass the route in each level. To do this, you need to bypass the obstacles encountered on the way: trees, hedges, stones, etc. Otherwise, the ponies will die and the game will be over.

They also need to get the magic apples: red and gold. Apples are suspended in such places that good dexterity is required to get them.

If you manage to get at least 4 apples in this game for two, you will receive a password to continue the adventure in the next levels. If all apples, then each pony will receive extra life as a reward.

You will have an exciting journey full of dangers, encounters with dragons, etc. This route will be a real test of friendship for little ponies and the ability to support each other in trouble for you.

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