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Игра Пончики папы Луи

The legendary Pope Louis has always been a master at cooking. Most recently, I opened a new cafe. Customers run after delicious donuts. And the staff is still not enough. Want to make some money and just help your father?

The game Papa Louis Donuts for Girls will teach you not only to make healthy cereals, nutritious soups, but also delicious donuts. This is the best treat for children, as well as for adults who so want to remember their youth.

Игра Пончики папы луи

Your task is as follows. Learn how to cook delicious donuts from a master - Louis. Think it's that simple? First you need to quickly record the order of the cafe visitor. Do not forget about the friendly smile and polite address to the guest. Then - start cooking. Not everything is easy here either.

Steps you should remember

  • Remember the order? First you need to roll out the dough. As a rule, people order three donuts: a couple of chocolate and one simple. But remember, only in the first days (levels) there will be small orders, and when visitors become addicted to your sweets, then orders will go more voluminous.
  • Shape the donuts of Papa Louis. Someone wants a round with a hole in the middle, and someone wants a more original version. Be careful, because you need to give the perfect shape to your products.
  • Next, throw the donuts into the oil, waiting for them to fry. But do not forget to turn them over in time, because otherwise you will have to start all the work again. Watch the time sensor carefully so as not to miss the right moment. By pressing a key you will turn over the products in the game.
  • And now the most interesting stage is decoration. Someone loves strawberry jam, someone likes ice cream, someone wants coconut flakes on top or any other. Do you still remember the customer’s order? Be very careful, because you need to decorate the donuts very carefully, without staining the pan. Otherwise, the reputation of Papa Louis may suffer.
  • Did everything right? So boldly give the goodies to the guest. He will evaluate the quality of your work by paying a certain amount of money. Some visitors who are satisfied will definitely leave additional tips, and someone will see flaws in your creations and simply refuse to pay the full amount.

All these actions in the game about Papa Louis’s donuts should reach you there is a certain “automatism”. You want your father’s business to flourish, and he will be proud of you? Then show that it will be you who will become the best employee for this fun cafe.

What do these games teach?

First, you will remember the sequence of making donuts. Is a rosy event coming to your house very soon? Using small tips from the game, you can prepare delicious treats and at home for all guests. But since the game about Papa Louis is in English, it’s important to know this language well.

If you remember all the stages of preparation, then your mother will be sincerely surprised at how quickly her daughter grew up. You can spend several hours together to prepare a delicious dinner for the whole family.

Игра Пончики папы луи

Papa Louis donuts game is different from others, in which you are also invited to work as a cook. Here you can connect all your imagination, because some guests truly love creativity. If you cook not quite what the visitor desired, but he is genuinely surprised and appreciates the taste, then he will definitely pay you a tip. But do not experiment with the tastes of all guests.

After all, there are those who categorically do not want to pick up anything other than the donuts that they ordered. You don’t want the cafe to work at a loss? Try to please everyone and everyone, and maybe making donuts will become not just an interesting game for girls, but your favorite pastime at home.

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