Game Bad Ice Cream 4, 5, 6 for two: release date

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Игра Плохое мороженое 4, 5, 6 на двоих: дата выхода

Some games become hits, and some do not. And there is no algorithm, adhering to which, you would succeed. Of course, you can make a certain list of criteria, but it’s not at all a fact that after their execution your game will become a hit. But for some projects, it turns out to be successful and without any rules. Just from the creators put their soul into their creations. Bad ice cream is one such project. The development company Nitrome put a soul into it and they got a really high-quality arcade. Moreover, the popularity of the arcade is so high that we have no doubt that very soon there will be new online games Bad ice cream 4, 5 and 6!

In this simple game, you just need to move around a square territory collecting fruits on himself. After you complete the task and collect all the fruits, you can go to the next level. But the collection of fruits will be hindered by terrible creatures unlike any other earthly animal. These creatures will have a variety of abilities, well, and you will have to deceive them and collect all the fruits. Already from the middle of the game, creatures become so strong that it becomes very difficult to pass the level on the first try.

Separately, we highlight the collective mode, so that you have the opportunity to fight with terrible creatures not alone, along with your faithful friends. Moreover, if in the first two parts only two players are supported, then in the third there are already four. True, for four of you battles you will need a special program on your mobile phone, but you can download it for free. The only negative is that only Apple phones are supported so far. Since this mode has already been introduced in the third part, it can already be said for sure that the Bad Ice Cream games 4, 5 and 6 will not only be for two, but also will receive the support of 4 players! And by their appearance the application will most likely be available in the Android store.

When the new parts come out

According to Nitrome website information, the last 3 part appeared on December 20, 2013, which is a very short time for game series. And considering that the two previous parts were also released in December 2012 and 2010, we can conclude that the 4th part of the arcade can be expected either at the end of 2014 or at the end of 2015! So go to this page more often and you definitely will not miss the appearance of a new version of the game!

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