Game Bad Pigs 2

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Rating: 4.2
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Игра Плохие свиньи 2

Black angry birds again start a war with bad pigs, it is enough to endure swine chaos and theft of bird eggs. To start "active hostilities" it will take a little - just cover the reinforcement of pigs with detonating boxes. An exciting arcade game Bad Pigs 2 will allow you to start an explosive reaction with the help of the Bomb - a bird with a difficult character that just enrages from pigs stealing eggs.

Use your intellect to free the bird world from uninvited guests. With each new level, the passage becomes more complicated, the buildings are strengthened and coping with the task becomes more difficult. But you need to be very careful, because for the minimum use of the bird bomb you can earn 3 stars and extra points, and with a quick successful completion of the level you can get the golden cup.

The controls in the game are quite simple: choose the appropriate position and fix the black the bird with the mouse button, at the point where the explosion should occur. To activate the detonator, press the spacebar.

Using a limited number of black exploding birds, try to destroy all the bad pigs by dropping them into the abyss, destroying the buildings in which they hide!
20 levels, real physics of the explosion and flight of objects, the destruction of buildings, the use of black birds to destroy and other game elements will give an exciting game Bad Pigs 2! Bomb the pigs and enjoy themed sound effects!

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