Game Parkour on a skateboard

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Rating: 4.6
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Игра Паркур на скейте

Skateboard is a very cool thing and you have long asked your parents to buy it for yourself, but they still could not do it. And more recently, they gave you a long-awaited board for your birthday. After you bragged to her in front of all your friends and learned to ride well, it was time to perform some cool tricks on her. And you went to some construction site, in one of the abandoned areas of New York. Show everything that you are capable of in the game parkour on a skateboard. Gather high speed, fly high into the sky and literally blow up everything that stands in your way. It does not matter what it will be, a school bus, an old rotten car or a large military tank, it is not clear how it appeared on this abandoned construction site. But look do not fall off the skateboard, because you have to keep balance while overcoming steep slopes!

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