Game Hairdressing, makeup and dressing up for girls

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Игра Парикмахерская, макияж и одевалка для девочек

In the game Hairdressing, makeup and dressing up for girls there are two heroines. They both love bright makeup, beautiful hairstyles, fashionable clothes and precious jewelry. Become a stylist and try to change their appearance in every way!

The game begins with makeup. To the right of the girl’s face is a palette of affordable cosmetics: eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush. At the same stage of the game, the eye color of the heroine is selected.

Then you get to the hairdresser. It is very simple to make a hairstyle - just click on the appropriate hair in the selection window. Dressing up girls follows the same principle. Things are divided into clothes for the upper and lower parts of the body, shoes and accessories with jewelry.

The game Hairdressing, makeup and dressing for girls carries out work with the appearance of both heroines in stages. Only when the care of the first character is fully completed, you can take up the second. The same sequence of actions is carried out with a girlfriend: first, you play in the application of cosmetics, then do a hairstyle and pick up clothes. The things offered to girls are different and for each it turns out to create a unique style.

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