Game Hairdresser for animals

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Игра Парикмахерская для животных

Have you ever wanted to feel like a real hairdresser and make trendy and stylish haircuts that will surely impress your clients. Fortunately, the game Hairdresser for animals gives you such a wonderful opportunity, and besides, visitors to the hairdresser will be animals. First you need to choose which master you want to be: female or male. That is, two clients are available in the game, a boy and a girl, choose one of them, and go on to transform the style.

You have access to a huge arsenal of all kinds of objects, which include: various paints, a hairdryer, an iron, a razor, and, of course, scissors, because a hairdresser cannot do without them. Then, use all the necessary items at your discretion in order to create a unique image of your client. Also, if you want to go back a few steps and start some elements of the hairstyle all over again, that is, a special function located at the bottom of the screen.

Well, if you like everything and want to complete your work, then by clicking on the button next, a menu opens where you can give the haircut additional effects. This ends the creation of hairstyles. After that, the game about the hairdresser for animals will give you the opportunity to capture your work on the camera, and naturally save it to your computer. Thus, you can always browse your best hairstyles and share photos with friends. The graphics and music in the game are made at the best level and will create only positive impressions of the game process.

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