Daddy’s daughter’s game opened a fitness center

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Игра Папины дочки открыли фитнес-центр

Zhenya, the heroine of the series “Daddy's Daughters” opened a fitness center so that people can perform physical exercises in it and so take care of the strength and health of their body. At first, there is very little equipment in the training studio, but customers immediately begin to show interest in it. If you serve them well, Zhenya will make a profit and will be able to use these funds to develop the institution. Those who want to work out go to the fitness center and immediately report which simulator they are interested in. It is necessary to bring Zhenya to them, and then send both to the corresponding part of the hall. After a short time, the client’s training will be completed. If he does not order another service, he must be taken to the cashier and receive money for the lesson.

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