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Игра Орион 2: песочница

The new version of the arcade from the first is distinguished by a large number of innovations. With complete freedom of movement, you can get to know the vast world of the Orion universe even better. The new Orion 2 game: the sandbox has acquired a large number of animals roaming the territory during the day, and new monsters that will meet you at night. goals and if you don’t do tasks, you can do whatever you want in the online world of Orion 2. You can explore deep caves, search and find treasures, build houses, get animals and craft objects.

Свое название — песочница, игра получила благодаря тому, что в ней нет какой-то определенной цели и если не заниматься выполнением заданий, то вы можете делать в онлайн мире Ориона 2 все, что захотите. Можете исследовать глубокие пещеры, искать и находить сокровища, строить дома, заводить животных и крафтить предметы.

Survive at all costs

Your adventure begins when the character leaves the wrecked spaceship. He has no choice but to learn how to survive on this planet, forgotten by all. First you need to start building a house, and then go look for resources to produce tools and powerful weapons for protection. An ax, a shovel, a pickaxe are very important to you. They allow you to quickly get resources.

There is also the possibility of felling trees with bare hands, but such work is ineffective. During the day, the planet is calm, but with the advent of night, aggressive zombies appear. In the game you can choose the gender of the character, change the hairstyle and change the color of the hair. When you play Orion 2, it is very important to monitor your health. It is lost not only from zombie attacks, but, for example, from a normal fall. How long can you survive on this planet?

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