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Игра Оптимус Прайм

A well-made game Optimus Prime represents the original class of flash games arcade-racing type. In which you need to not only quickly be controlled while riding, but also masterfully handle the cannon cannon to destroy a huge number of metal opponents. In this legendary Optimus Prime fight game with many copies of Brawl, you must drive with extreme speed over rough terrain and destroy tanks that block movement and shoot to kill the main Autobot with fierce force.

For several days you need receive as much money as possible for the maximum distance traveled with the minimum time spent on it. The more enemy alien equipment is destroyed, the more money will be credited to the virtual game wallet, which can be used to pay for the selection of additional equipment and weapons, their improved characteristics.

You have at your disposal the long-awaited improved tools for increasing the distance moving and firepower, forced engine with a turbine-supercharger, increased fuel tank capacity, increased clip for an installed howitzer, installation with homing missiles, additional ronirovannye sheets to protect Optimus Prime. Each of the above elements of improvements for the most powerful tractor in the Universe can be pumped up to seven times. With each transition of equipment and tools to a new, high-quality level, you have to pay the money that you received for a successful trip on the map. But the game is worth it, because opponents also become stronger and more cunning.

Features of the gameplay

Management in the game Optimus Prime is simple, but requires extreme concentration and dexterity. The left and right arrows move the truck, and the up and down arrow keys control the tilt of the howitzer. Shooting is done by pressing the space bar. A rocket launcher mounted at the rear of the transformer tractor is aimed at the enemy and fires missiles in automatic mode. These missiles have increased damage and tremendous damaging explosive power.

Try to hit shells from a gun and a rocket launcher in the front or rear (unprotected) part of the transformer tank for maximum damage. As well as firing bullets in such a way that they pass between the shells of the enemy, because in a collision they explode, and the enemy will not be able to inflict damage.

A red triangle appears on the game screen to determine the preliminary inclination of the gun and the range of the projectile , which signals the imminent appearance of enemy equipment. This helps to adjust the gun in optimal mode. Help Optimus Prime destroy all the Brows and defeat another difficult alien battle that has unfolded on the surface of our magnificent planet! Fight on the side of Light and Good!

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