Game Operation on the foot

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Игра Операция на ноге

This is one of many games about the famous doctor, who is a master of his craft. Your task is not easy: using various surgical instruments, X-rays, tables and artificial constructions, lengthen the boy’s leg to a normal size. Although this is not real, the developers of the game took their project very seriously and you can really feel like an experienced surgeon in it.

If you just started to master medicine and are afraid that you can’t cope, your nurse will help you. With her tips, you will surely succeed. If your child wants to become a surgeon, be sure to show him this game, however, although it is impossible to kill a patient here, a medical mistake or delay can lead to a dangerous condition and termination of the operation, so it’s better not to put very young children for such serious work. Everyone else who wants to get acquainted with the work of doctors closer to the game leg surgery is strictly recommended for passing, because very plausibly shows us what we want.

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