Game Operation on the brain

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Игра Операция на мозге

The head is one of the most important parts of a person, because a named brain is responsible for almost all processes in the body, and it is brain damage that is critical for any person. If it is still possible to live without an arm, leg or eye, then even a life-support apparatus cannot support a person without a head.

There are many diseases related to the brain in the world - this is a variety of mental illnesses and traumatic , and infectious, but in this game you have to deal with one of the most dangerous diseases that relates to vascular pathologies - aneurysm.

Aneurysm or aneurysmal sac appears when the blood artery is dilated, which fills I am bleeding and interferes with other tissues, which causes severe smut pain. Aneurysms are deadly, so finding them requires immediate surgery. But this pathology does not always manifest itself somehow in patients, so most often aneurysms are detected completely by accident during an ultrasound scan of the brain. Moreover, the greatest danger to life is not the aneurysm itself, but the possibility of its rupture, which most often leads to cerebral hemorrhage and death.

Background to the game

Game Brain surgery for girls and boys is part of a series of popular simulators that tell about various diseases and allow children to feel like doctors that the future will probably affect their choice of profession. The game does not contain a lot of blood and scary scenes, however, the recommended age for it is set at 14+ years. In addition, it is worth explaining to children that you can’t repeat such things at home.

In the game, you are brought to the hospital by a patient named Lisa, who has been suffering from aneurysm of the brain for several months, although she was only given such a diagnosis now , so she urgently needs to have surgery before this aneurysm bursts. After all, if she bursts, then Lisa may have a hemorrhage. Try to perform an operation on your head quickly and accurately, because Lisa’s life depends on it.

How the operation on the brain will go

First you need to choose an office in which the procedure will be performed. This is not difficult to do, so you are sure to handle it. Then you need to do anesthesia so that the patient falls asleep and does not feel pain. To do this, you will have to take a syringe from the table and give Lisa an injection. After, you have a difficult procedure for shaving a poor girl. Take scissors and shave her curls, and then you have to finish what you started with a shaving cream for the head and razor. After shaving your patient, you need to treat the area where the operation will be performed with a special solution that will prevent microbes from getting into the wound.

Next, mark the location of the incision with a marker. To do this, draw a rectangle with the mouse. Then, therefore, the rectangle needs to be held with a scalpel in order to remove the top layer of skin. As soon as you do this, the timer will work and you will have only 4 minutes to complete the operation. For the upper layer of skin, you will need to remove the bottom. Further, with the help of a drill, you will need to drill holes in the skull box, and then connect these holes with a surgical saw by removing a piece of the skull box.

Now again you need to work with a scalpel and remove a thin layer of skin. Behind the skin, the brain will be visible, which must be moved apart by retractors. Behind them you will see the aneurysm itself. Congratulations, you got to the goal and the brain surgery game has come to a climax. The most difficult part of the procedure awaits you here. After you manage, quickly sew up the skin and attach the skull box to the skull. Please note that time is very short and if you do not have time, then the patient is in serious danger. True, if you do not have time for the first time, then there is the opportunity to inject an adrenaline rush and you will have an extra minute to finish what you started. This game about head surgery is one of the most interesting in the series.

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