Game Fire and Water in the Temple of Darkness

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Игра Огонь и Вода в Храме Тьмы

Someone might have thought that two elements, so opposite, Fire and Water, together would overcome all the difficulties that would appear in their path. Perhaps it is worth adding more clarity to the above words for those who do not know what they are talking about. Fire is the hero of the game, and Water is the girl, his girlfriend. Different adventures take place with them during travels in various Temples, where they overcome them together.

Each of them perfectly owns his own element and uses his skills to collect diamonds in water or fire. Let's take a closer look at what the developers of the Fire and Water games in the Temple of Darkness directly worked on. And let’s start with the interface, as this is the first way that each game begins.


An attractive and colorful English-language interface meets us when fire and water start. The menu includes the following five items:

  • The first one is “Play” - a start, when you click on it, a map will open in front of you, where the currently available level will be shown. By clicking on this level, you will immediately go on an adventure;
  • Second - “Instructions” - instructions. Here you can see all the buttons for controlling your character. It also describes for each level what needs to be done in order to pass it;
  • Third - “More Games” - other arcades. The developers made sure that you can, without leaving the game, see the list of arcades released by their company. There are about 200 arcades of various genres;
  • Fourth - “Submit Hiscore” - a table of records. In other words, your best results will be saved here in the high score table. You can also see them here;
  • Fifth - “Credits” - creators. All those who worked on creating an arcade are listed here.
  • This water is a fairly simple and informative interface, but still I would like to be able to choose a language, since not all players have knowledge of English. | 293


The game Fire and Water in the Temple of Darkness is just one of the versions of this series. But there is a special difference in it, which makes it more interesting in relation to other series, namely, the hidden amount of the remaining levels. Since this is a temple of Darkness, all information about the level is hidden in the cover of darkness during the player’s transition to a new level. For those who try to try to find out everything may end up playing the game again from the first level. Perhaps someone will ask themselves the question: "Why is this so?" The answer is very simple: “What did you want !? It's still the Temple of Darkness, where darkness and danger reign! ”

Игра Огонь и Вода в Храме Тьмы

Also, all levels are filled with various traps, which makes it difficult to pass. Traps look like small pools of water or fire, and on the way there may be death pillars that will take away the life of your hero. Therefore, the Fire Boy will die when trapped in water or a death pillar, and fire traps for him do not constitute any danger, because this is his native element. For the Girl-Water, you guessed it, the pools of fire and the death pillars constitute a danger.

During the passage of various levels you will have to use a variety of mechanisms with which you can open the doors, go down on the elevator and make controls other game barriers. In general, the gameplay is interesting, which is more and more addictive after completing each level, since the complexity grows and the passage is already not so easy, but, as you know, it is the difficulties that make the game interesting.


The game Fire and Water in the Temple of Darkness on management reminds the majority of flash game, there is nothing unusual for an inveterate player. The character is controlled by arrows, and the jump is controlled by the up button. Since several people can play this game, the developers provided for additional control for another game, which is carried out using the buttons A, S, D and the jump button W.

Игра Огонь и Вода в Храме Тьмы

Also, the player can mute during volume icon in the upper right corner of the screen, return to the main menu or replay the level again. Throughout the game, certain hints will appear that will help you deal with the mission of the level, but, unfortunately, they are in English.

The game is designed so that each player must take a logical and timely decision to complete the level decision. In general, the game Fire and Water is worthy of the attention of a wide audience, since the developers tried pretty hard to make it as interesting as possible. It will suit and appeal to both girls and boys, as the plot includes two characters - a girl and a boy. Also, it does not have any age restrictions, since it does not have cruelty, and even vice versa, with its help it is possible to develop logical thinking and reaction in children. Therefore, I recommend trying to play once and see for yourself.

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