Game Fire and Water 10

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Rating: 4.6
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Игра Огонь и вода 10

Only in a series of games about fire and water can two completely different elements come together and become for each other excellent allies in the overall advancement. Many interesting levels, excellent gameplay, as well as an unusual atmosphere, will not leave you bad impressions about this flash game.


As the name implies, you will have to play in two characters, namely fire and water. The main task is to successfully complete all locations, solving internal riddles. Although the game fire and water 10 is a platformer, the main emphasis is still on puzzles. You will have to understand how to get to a seemingly inaccessible place, which is a portal in the form of a house, allowing you to go to the next level. There are two such portals, for fire - a red house, for water - blue. To get to them, sometimes you need to jump on various approaches, which in turn can move. But the portal will not work if you do not find a specific crystal, usually located in another place, for each of the characters they are different. Therefore, you should not count on an easy and uninteresting passage. Pleasant sensations from the gameplay are guaranteed to you.

Management and graphics

It may seem that managing two heroes at once is inconvenient and difficult, but it is not at all. As always, the interface is controlled by a computer mouse using a pointer. As for the characters themselves, the movement buttons for fire are W, A, D, for water, the arrow keys. Thus, managing the characters is very comfortable, and does not make you get used to the buttons used for a long time. The graphics, although it does not have the most modern requirements, are pretty well done, especially considering that the game is flash-based and completely free.

The fire is drawn in the form of a boy with a daring hairstyle, water in the form of a girl with a ponytail . Internal music also attracts attention, making it clear that the game has many secrets and mysteries. There are accompanying sound effects. For example, picking up a crystal, you will hear a clear click symbolizing this.

The game Fire and Water 10 is a continuation of the famous adventures of two inseparable friends looking for a way out of various situations. Here you will find: thoughtful gameplay, nice graphics, and great music that attracts attention from the first launch of this platformer. Do not pass by, just go in and immerse yourself in the gameplay with your head, because here it is possible.

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