Dress up game for two for girls

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Игра Одевалка для двоих для девочек

Trees strewn with delightful flowers, leaves beginning to bloom, covered with fresh green grass of the lawn - in the virtuality of play, spring comes into its own! Manifestations of beauty are calling people to break out of large cities and go on a short trip through the countryside, take a walk in parks and even wild forests. This mood also captured the two heroines of the dress up game for girls. Beautiful girls go to the flowered village and want to look there flawlessly brilliant. Like many modern women of fashion, they strive to apply bright makeup on their faces, choose an extraordinary hairstyle, and put on cute costumes. Will you help them emphasize their natural beauty?

Consistently deal with the appearance of both girls

To transform the appearance of two game heroines, you need to gradually pay attention to each of them. When playing Dress up for two for girls, at first you only deal with one girlfriend, and only when her appearance is completely ready, it will be possible to begin design experiments on the second girl.

Игра Одевалка для двоих для девочек

This principle of consistency is very good for two reasons. First of all, because during the dress up game you can focus on only one character, giving each of the girls the maximum of their attention and creative imagination. Secondly, when you dress two girls separately, you do not compare them and do not arrange a competition in the beauty between them. And this is important for maintaining warm friendly relations, and for maximizing the joy of any type of activity.

Only when both images are complete can you admire the final results of your work - a pair of heroines will appear before you in all more beautiful against the backdrop of an enchanting landscape.

First, a beauty salon, then dress up

Changing the appearance of the heroines of this dress up game for two begins with the application of makeup. You see the enlarged face of one of the girls, and at the bottom of the game screen you are offered a variety of tools: eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, colored contact lenses. Click on these items, and a palette with available color options appears to the right of the game character. Indicate the shade you like, and it is immediately applied to the girl’s face.

Then you go to the dressing stage. On the shelves to the right of the figure of the heroine of the game are images of a wig, T-shirt, skirt, bow, earrings, necklaces, shoes. Click on these items to view all items in the game. So the girl’s hair changes, t-shirts, shirts, blouses, skirts, shorts are put on her, light shoes are put on her legs, pretty ribbons are woven into her hair, precious jewelry are tried on her neck and ears.

Игра Одевалка для двоих для девочек

Game Dress Up for Two for girls offers a good selection of different things that differ from each other in color, style. Try different combinations of these appearance elements, and this will seriously affect the overall impression of the image of the game heroines.

You can play alone and together

This dress up game is good because it is present two characters at once. This gives a wider scope for creativity - you can use different things and makeup styles for different girlfriends. In addition, the Dress Up Game for Two for Girls becomes good fun for a couple of participants - first, one player dresses up the first girl, and then the other deals with the second. In new sessions of the game, you can change the heroines and try to dress up a different girlfriend.

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