Game New Year at the Little Mermaid

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Игра Новый Год у русалочки

All people celebrate the New Year holidays in different places. Someone stays at home and celebrates the onset of the new year with his family and Olivier salad, which has already become a tradition, but someone flies to the warm lands - Thailand, Egypt, Vietnam and bathes there in the warm, never freezing, sea. Well, you can also, in a sense, go to the sea. Or rather, not on the sea itself, but in its depths. Wear a mask, flippers and go! A cute little mermaid will tell you how to get to her hometown. And when you swim, you can play with her! The New Year game with the little mermaid is a great activity for any girl who wants to have fun in the winter holidays! Along with the beloved heroine, a large red coral resembling a Christmas tree in shape, hang a garland and create a festive mood in the underwater world.

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