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Игра Новый Человек паук 2

Game New Spider-Man 2 - an entertaining puzzle about the exploits of Spider-Man for fans of folding pictures. Take a fascinating journey through Marvel comic book chronicles.

A superhero and an ordinary person living in the same person

Spider-Man 2 is a modern superhero who has come to life in a new game based on comics and films. This tireless crime fighter is equally revered by both children and adults. There is hardly anyone who has not heard of his legendary exploits.

The personality of an outstanding character was created by the American company Marvel. Comics about him rattled the whole world. Then the baton was picked up by the developers of films, cartoons and games.

What is the story of the appearance of this extraordinary character? Let's take a look at his biography. Peter Parker was an unlucky, antisocial young man who suffered from an inferiority complex and phobias in front of the fair sex. The clogged “nerd” in college was teased by a “bookworm.” In general, the hero was not shone in life except for a faceless existence.

Игра Новый Человек паук 2

But one event completely changed his personality and the course of history. During a science fair, a guy was bitten by a genetically modified spider. Under the influence of his poison, Peter has a whole bunch of "spider" talents. He gains incredible strength, dexterity, jumping ability, instinct, the ability to climb steep surfaces. Peter decides to become a superhero and takes the name Spider-Man.

In order to fully reveal his talents, Peter invents a special costume and equipment. During the day, the hero leads the life of an ordinary person, and at night, under the cover of darkness, dressed in a superhero costume, goes hunting for criminals. And Spider-Man is not fighting ordinary street thieves. He fights against villains of universal scope, who, like him, also possess superhuman abilities.

The universal evil that the new Spider-Man 2 challenged in games

Over the years of its superhero activity, fate did not bring spider-man to any monsters and villains. Each of them was more terrible and bloodthirsty than the other. Most supervillains, like Spider-Man, came about as a result of an amazing event. Only in the good Peter Parker did superpowers strengthen the good, while others awakened sleeping aggression and increased the makings of evil. Some of them set the goal of their life to destroy Spider-Man.

Among the worst heroes of the superhero: Venom (a space parasite that draws juice from its victim), Green Goblin (a crazy professor who can shoot fire), Sandman, nightmarish Dr. Octopus, etc.

New Spider-Man 2: playing on the same team with the Avengers and Fantastic Four

There are a great many superheroes in countless Marvel comics. Some of them, like Spider-Man, fought the forces of evil in games, while others, on the contrary, found their calling in villainy. Since each of them had superhuman abilities, the forces were most often on an equal footing, so it was difficult for the champions of good to defeat villains alone. To succeed more in the war against evil and protect the Earth, good heroes often united in one team. Spider-man also periodically fought with them shoulder to shoulder.

Among his associates were such famous heroes as Sentinel, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Luke Cage, Iron Man, Ronin, Captain America, etc. Their team won many glorious victories and accomplished a lot of great feats. In this puzzle you will have the opportunity to collect paintings with their participation.

Игра Новый Человек паук 2

On the pages of the Marvel comics

This game is quite original and differs from the usual puzzles. In other games, fragments scattered in the confusion appear on the screen in front of you, which you need to move, rotate to assemble into a single whole. Here the principle of the game is somewhat different.

You will see a faint picture. To get the fragment, you need to click on the red menu button in the lower left corner. Next, you see where the splinter fits on this draft. Having found a suitable place, attach a fragment to it. After that, you can get the next splinter, etc., until you assemble the entire puzzle.

You will discover the chronicles of the heroic battles of Spider-Man and his team of associates. An interesting game!

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