Game Heroes of the shock squad 2

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Rating: 4.6
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Игра Герои ударного отряда 2

Beloved heroes again enter into fierce battles, only now these battles unfold not only on earth but also in space! Each of the soldiers is equipped with special spacesuits that allow not only to easily move around the airless space, but also to fly, as well as shoot from different types of weapons! By the way, the weapon itself, here, in comparison with the first part, has become even larger, and indeed it has become much more diverse. There were grenade launchers, rocket launchers, rifles with laser sights and many more other modern types of weapons. The skills of the characters themselves have changed, each of the characters has become even more experienced, which means he received more super abilities. Game heroes of shock squad 2 without cheats and codes will appeal to everyone who loves high-quality and well-designed shooters! Why not use cheats and codes? Yes, because because of them it will not be so interesting to play and you will very quickly lose your excitement, which means you will abandon the game itself! Play honestly and then you, if not the first time, but you can go through everything to the end!

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