Game Find differences in a dream

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Игра Найди отличия во сне

What could be more beautiful than romantic stories? Kisses, hearts, timid declarations of love! How wonderful it is. Romance is the most beautiful thing in the life of any girl, going on dates, first kiss and other joys of relations with guys, is anything more important? We want to tell you one such love story that happened to a girl during an ordinary lesson!

The game, find differences in a dream, will show what happened to one girl who fell asleep in a boring and obscure lesson. Look into her dream and try to understand what is bothering her, and having understood this, help her cope with her fears! This story reaches us through a paper book, the pages of which need to be turned over, finding hidden clues! At each turn of the book, two identical pages will be visible, where 6 differences are hidden! Study this book from top to bottom and solve its secret, because you want to know the secret of a mysterious girl. It is very useful to plunge into the fairy-tale world of dreams and understand what is described in this book!

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