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Игра Найди отличия с Вольтом

Volt, the most popular cartoon dog in the world. Its popularity can even be compared with the famous Scooby-Doo. Only one cartoon was shot about Volta, but we, and probably you too, hope that the producers and screenwriters will finally release a sequel to our beloved cartoon! But until the sequel is released, we just have to watch funny pictures and play games about the white-black dog.

In this game you can find differences without a time limit, so that even the smallest children can cope with this difficult task! Look carefully at the pictures with the dog and try to find six differences on them! Instead of a time limit, there will be a limit on clicks - click on the screen only if you are completely sure that you found a discrepancy in one of the pictures. In the game, you can spot the differences with Volt only three times! And if you miss more, then quickly open this page again and look all over again! But all the fun ends very quickly, so you need to look for the differences only in a few pictures, well, then you can play something else, because below we have placed several similar games with the same complexity of passing and also with cartoonish design!

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