Game Find differences in pictures for children

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Игра Найди отличия на картинках для детей

Young children are very fond of beautiful color pictures! But besides pictures, the game should also be simple and interesting. So that even the smallest boy can figure out what he needs to do. Everything is taken into account here - after all, the drawings in the game are very colorful and will appeal to any child, and the interface is outrageously simple!

The game find differences with pictures for children, made like a paper book with turning pages. This effect of skeuomorphism should really please young viewers, as it adds realism to what is happening on the screen. In a book called Jessie and Jack, the story is about a little girl who went out for a walk with her little but cheerful dog. This story has a very sharp turn and an unexpected end, so go through it in its entirety.

On each page of the book, look for 5 differences. It’s very easy to notice extra items, but finding the missing items will be more difficult. You should not poke the mouse around the screen, because for a wrong click 5 points will be taken away, and for every difference found, 5 points will be added. Having completed the task, the screen will show how many points you scored and if this number is negative, then this is bad! Find out how the story about the girl who decided to walk in the park with her dog ended, and then think about what morality can be taken out of it.

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